Well, 2020 has turned out exactly like we all thought it would, right? 

The art of protest has been evolving and many of us (some for the first time!) have manned the ramparts ourselves. Some of us have been tear-gassed for the first time, some of us have lost jobs for speaking out, some of us are burning things down and some of us are building their replacements. 

In short, the Overton Window has shifted. Things that were radical a year ago – very slowly and then all at once – became mainstream discourse. 

This rupture in our world provides an opportunity, a chance to organize our world differently. The Royal Consciousness (to borrow from Brueggemann) knows this too, so the chaos seems to be coming from all directions – the state itself, QAnon, the pending economic disaster, climate catastrophe, and the public health versus personal freedom discourse.

We again have a chance to grow ourselves and one another, to speak into the process of shaping the lives of so many Christians (and “other”) who are looking for contrast with the connotation of “Christian” or the “Evangelical” worlds that so many of us came from. 

In 2020, we’re centering on the words of Isaiah 61, repeated by Jesus in Luke 4. Much like Mary’s Magnificat, the announcement of the Year of Jubilee and of the Lord’s Favor calls for the abolition of the existing order. It is a call out, a prophetic word from elsewhere, a direct challenge to the powers and principalities of the world.

We’ll divide the four weeks of Advent to follow the four key phrases in this passage: 
Liberate the oppressed, Give the poor good news, Open blind eyes, Set prisoners free.

In that spirit – of rebellion and radical love for our neighbors – would you join us?

Much Love and Solidarity Forever,

Megan and Ben and the Radvent Collective

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