Radvent is a daily Advent devotional written by a collective of pastors and parents, writers and activists, organizers and students, and everyone in between.

Radvent is for radicals and hopeful wannabes and anyone who is tired of the sacchrine Christmas message of “peace on earth” when we can all plainly see the world is at war.

In this season, we neither bow to nor fear the empire, rather we await the word of revolution from a teenage girl and stand in awe of the child no one had room for.

This year’s version of Radvent focuses on Abolition. Abolitionist thinkers teach us that Abolition isn’t just destroying the things that crush our humanity, but about rethinking and rebuilding a world in which these things aren’t neccessary to begin with. It’s about displacing the powers that dry up our fields of human flourishing, and reframing the questions of safety, prosperity, success, and freedom that include all of us, especially and most importantly the vulnerable and those on the outside.

Let’s imagine that Mary’s words still are pregnant with hope, much like her body was pregnant with the Messiah. The world we want is one whose hungry are filled, the broken are bound up in love and community, and the divine touches our perceptions of justice and destroys the seats of the mighty and the identities of the proud.

We are honored to share this with you. Thanks for joining us.

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